In The Round


Margaret Tolland and students from Samuel Marsden Collegiate


New Zealand Portrait Gallery Te Pukenga Whakaata

Start date: 

28 June 2019

End date: 

20 July 2019

Hours of admission: 

10.30 - 4.30

Cost of admission: 


Margaret Tolland: Artist, Illustrator and Artist in Residence at Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Margaret Tolland, 2019.

Margaret Tolland is an artist and illustrator who is Samuel Marsden’s Artist In Residence for 2019.  The residency takes us into the rich and intermingling world of science and art and also connects with Wellington’s very own Zealandia.

With an eye on the rich details that Aotearoa has to offer, Margaret Tolland has illustrated eight paintings through the lens of some environmental champions.  The idea of a portrait has extended itself to represent a conservation view with the interests, projects, and species that each person is dedicated to working with.

Our endemic species have many challenges facing them and these role models for conservation are experienced, dedicated, hard working and extremely knowledgeable.  The length and breadth of the commitment to Zealandia and wider environmental projects in Aotearoa is breathtaking. There is a lot to learn from those represented in this exhibition.